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DAAC Activity, 2013

DAAC, now a committee of Arts Denman since February, 2013, continues its popular Open Stage nights on every Third Thursday of the month at the Community Back Hall on Denman Island.
We are proud of a six-year history in providing a showcase for our pool of talent here, and providing
the community with an entertaining and affordable opportunity to step out. Our current committee members are acting chair Bill Engleson, Linda-Nessel Treen (also secretary on the Board of Arts Denman), Annie Siegel, Alan Treen, and new members Michael Rapati

Third Thursday evenings showcase local and guest musicians and spoken-word performers for a $3.00 admission fee with a family-friendly concession onsite. Such a lovely and inviting venue is our cherished Back Hall, acoustically superior and toasty warm thanks to the wood stove, and long-
standing “regular” performers mixed in with some real surprises!

The admission money collected each month helps to fund various projects chosen by the committee, such as workshops or special musical events. Our “Harmonica Spring” workshop and concert in 2012 was one of such ventures. Previous projects have included “Mayhem,” a full day of collaborative songwriting and performances presented at the Back Hall, Front Hall, and Community

Other uses of the funds collected is to make charitable donations through the Red Cross for the victims of the Fukushima Earthquake (2012) and Typhoon Haiyan (Philipines, 2013). Locally, we have donated to a Denmanite who lost their home and possessions in a fire (2011). Other money spent was a PA and monitor system, which was subsequently donated to the Community Hall, and continues A highlight of this past summer was “Wide Open Stage,” featuring mostly local musicians during the weekend of the Readers/Writers Festival, July 20 & 21. Funded generously by DenmanWorks!, this is an event that we hope to see repeated in the summer or even on an annual basis.

The comments from local and off-island visitors were overwhelmingly positive. The shows took place outdoors on a specially-built portable stage at the KaffeeKlatsch Bistro and at the Earth Club Factory Guest House. Featured artists were Kevin Mitchell, Annie Siegel, Jennifer West, Jeff Honsinger, Linda Nessel-Treen, Scotty Donaldson, and Randy Duncan, with assorted band members providing support—performers very familiar to the local community at our ongoing monthly Open Stages. In addition to the featured performers, the Open Mic concept carried over to various afternoon slots at both venues. The weather gods smiled upon us: both were days were. We are continually open to new ideas for special Audio Arts events on the Island, whether it's a workshop or special concert/project of some kind. Please remember that we were, as a Society and still are (under the Arts Denman umbrella) a not-for-profit organization, and therefore are not in the field of promoting bands/artists as enterpreneurs/impresarios. We ARE however committed to nurturing local talent through the Open Mic nights, supporting educational community-based workshops, and making charitable donations as collectively agreed upon on the local and international level.


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