Chris Seguin
Molly McFaul
Jane Masutani
Alan Treen - Profile
Alan Treen is a founding member of the Denman Audio Arts Collective. After many years of Bass playing and associated endeavors, he now finds himself looking at the ocean with Linda in a home on...
Denman Audio Arts Collective
DAAC Activity, 2013 DAAC, now a committee of Arts Denman since February, 2013, continues its popular Open Stage nights on every Third Thursday of the month at the Community Back Hall on Denman...
Baynes Sound Labs
Baynes Sound Labs is a full service facility located on fabulous Denman Island, off thr coast of Vancouver island. We are ready to meet the quakity and budget of you intended goals, from demos to...
Ashlea Jonesmith
Randy Duncan
Anne Siegel - Profile
I was born and raised in New York. When I was nine years old, I started classical flute lessons. At thirteen, I began singing and playing folk-style guitar and quickly became involved with the...
Tony Wilson - Profile
Vancouver’s Coastal Jazz and Blues hails Tony Wilson as “unquestionably one of the most original guitar stylists on the Canadian scene.” He has studied with many acclaimed jazz musicians...
Arne Olafson - Profile
Arne developed his unique playing style on the hills and beaches of Denman Island, on the slopes of Mount Cain, and various lakes and forests thereabouts.  He likes the samba, romantic,...
Jeff Honsinger